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Automatic Envelope Flap-Gluing Machine (With Easy Opening Line)

The JY3836 envelope sealing flap-gluing machine is designed and made according the demands of current trends in the Chinese postal system. It is responsible for the production of sealing flap reapplied rewet gum envelopes that feature one or two easy opening lines. It is designed to meet both pocket envelope and banker envelope standards, and utilizes advanced technological processes and structures.

Major Structural Features
Using a suction method at the lower portion of the machine, blank paper that is laid on the feed plate is fed into machine. This method allows the pile of blanks to be replenished while the machine is operating, and no extra downtime Users can also adjust the length (width) of the glue sealant when necessary, ensuring an even distribution of the sealant based on the amount and neatness of the paper. The machine’s high speed and reliability make mass production possible, while its easy adjustment makes small batch jobs with wide variety requirements just as easy as mass production.
Maximum output: 16000pcs/H.

Technical Info JY3836
Paper Blank Length (mm) 165-360
Paper Blank Width (mm) 170-380
Paper Weights Ca (gsm) 70-130
Moto Power (kW) 3
Drying Power (kW) 9
Pump Power (kW) 3
Max. Speed (pcs/h) 16000
Machine Weight (kg) 3000
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 5000×1320×1380

Illustration of Function

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