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Fully Automatic Sheet Fed Twisted Handle Paper Bag Machine Series

The fully automatic sheet fed paper handle bag machine uses sheet paper, reel reinforced paper and paper twist rope as the raw material, and carries out paper handle manufacturing. handle patching, top folding, tube forming, gusset forming, bottom forming, compaction output or stick reinforced paper, top folding, tube forming, gusset forming, punch eyelets, bottom pasting, and compaction output in one continuous process. This machine is also ideal for producing two different types of shopping bag type production, making it suitable for clothing, footwear, sports brand or luxury brands products outside of the bag production. It is fully automatic, and capable of processing various paper types, including kraft paper, coated paper, and ivory board (including laminated paper).

  • Bag Schematic Diagram

1. Handle feeding unit: Mechanical automatic tension adjustment, automatic adjustment of handle position, equipped with an automatic web guide system.
2. Front and Side Guide unit: Every sheet is accurately positioned by the alignment guide, which ensures the uniformity of every batch.
3. Automatic Creasing and Punching unit: Automatic creasing and punching, two kinds of shopping bag production processes is in one machine. (handle or no handle)
4. Automatic Collection Unit: Automatic counting processes makes it easy to collect finished bags  

Technical Info SBH35F-HD SBH45F-HD SBH35F SBH45F
Sheet Width (mm) 530-1050 610-1260 530-1050 610-1260
Sheet Length (mm) 350-600 380-620 350-600 380-620
Paper Thickness (gsm) 90-190 100-200 90-190 100-200
Bag Face Width (mm) 180-350 220-450 180-350 220-450
Tube Length (mm) 280-540 300-560 280-540 300-560
Bag Bottom Size (mm) 70-160 70-170 70-160 70-170
Bag Mouth Fold Width (mm) 40-60 40-60 / /
Handle paper cut Length (mm) 152.4 188.4 / /
Handle paper width (mm) 90-100 90-100 / /
String Height (mm) 170-185 170-185 / /
String Pitch (mm) 76.2 94.2 / /
Max. Speed (bags/min) 70 70 70 70
Total Power (kW) 27 30 27 30
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 15×2.71×2.05 15×2.32×2.05 12.5×1.64×1.52 12.56×2.12×1.52
Handle Making machine ((L×W×H)m) 5.5×1.35×2.7 5.4×1.34×2.69 / /
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