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Testing Equipment

We strictly control the precision of our products. We employ professional testing equipment and staff in order to test the products during production.

1. Sweden HEXAGON three coordinate measuring instrument

This measuring instrument not only features a high measuring precision, but it is also known for its high measuring efficiency. It is used to carry out a variety of measuring and detection tasks, such as inspecting the size of high-precision box-like work pieces and measuring work pieces in complex geometrical shapes such as turbine blades, and gear and screw compressor rotors.

2. Germany SCHENCK Dynamic Balancing Machine

This dynamic balancing machine features a high testing sensitivity with minimum achievable residual unbalance of 0.1gmm/kg. This machine also features a high testing efficiency and testing security.

3. Germany BLUM Online detector

German BLUM equipment is used for checking the accuracy of machined parts during processing