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Application Classification
The market for high quality

The market for high quality, environmental paper bags and envelopes is rapidly increasing, as is the focus on environmentally friendly production. Paper bags are increasingly replacing plastic bags with this focus on the environment, which contributes to the popularity of high quality paper bag production machines. It is our goal here at Sunhope to produce machines that are highly efficient, high quality and stable, all without harming the environment. Because our machines are used in a variety of applications to meet different customer needs, we can guarantee the safety and efficiency of each machine.
       As society, culture, economy, science and technology rapidly develop, having a unique understanding of various industries, as well as innovative capacities is a must for companies to be successful. At Sunhope, we are leading the development of paper bag making machines with high efficiency, stability and safety standards to meet the increasing demands for SOS paper bags, flat &satchel and handled carrier bags. We can also produce machines to suit all of your paper bag requirements.
    Please view the bag classification below to aid your choice in selecting the correct machine for your paper bag making requirements.