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Automatic Post Card Making Machine

We have succeeded in developing an automatic post card making machine that achieves an automatic press line, indentation and pasting triple sided and double sided tape. With an hourly capacity of 6,000 cards/hour, it is used in a number of postal paper printing locations around China

Major Structural Features
This machine is equipped with an automatic line indentation, automatic gluing, and automatic double-sided tape function. It utilizes bottom suction type paper, and will not stop the feeding process, which improves the work efficiency.

Technical Info PC-I
Paste tape length (Wang)(mm) 116
Paste tape length (Vertical)(mm) 182
Total Power (kW) 10
Max. Speed (pcs/h) 7000
Machine Weight (kg) 2500
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 4500×1100×1500
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