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Automatic Banker & Wallet Envelope-Making Machine Series

As an important model in our series, the BW-292 automatic envelope-making machine is used in the production of international and domestic standard envelopes and flat bags. In addition to its high efficiency and stable functions, the specially designed trimming unit is capable of changing the standard and adjusting the size with speed and accuracy. The machine is thus suitable for mass production and small-batch jobs alike.

Major Structural Features
Using a suction method at the lower portion of the machine, blank paper that is laid on the feed plate is fed into machine. This method allows the pile of blanks to be replenished while the machine is operating, and no extra downtime. The paper orientation unit works with both convenience and accuracy. The lateral and longitudinal folding units help ensure the quality of the products, and a rotary glue application unit meets the requirements of any envelope or flat bag by gluing along straight tracks. Assisted by the suction cylinder, the folding unit works in a stable manner, and the graduated disc directly and accurately shows the adjusting volume. The collecting unit is equipped with electronic counting system and batching system.

Technical Info BW-292 BW-380
Max.Paper Blank Size (mm) 410× 350 730×550
Max. Envelope Size (mm) 292x162 380×250
Min. Envelope Size (mm) 127x90 280×220
Paper Weights Ca (gsm) 70-120 100-150
Total Power (kW) 5.5 8.5
Max. Speed (pcs/h) 12000 6000
Machine Weight (kg) 2400 3400
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 3940×1200×1315 5000×1600×1315

Illustration of Function

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