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Automatic Pocket Envelope-Making Machine Series

Utilizing numerous advanced techniques and construction similar to that of other traditional machines on the market today, the automatic POCKET124 pocket envelope-making machine is especially suitable for the economic production of pocket envelopes and flat bags, particularly bags used for red bag food, seed, pharmaceutical products and more.

Using a suction method at the lower portion of the machine, blank paper that is laid on the feed plate is fed into machine. This method allows the pile of blanks to be replenished while the machine is operating, and no extra downtime. Assisted by a suction unit, the fence folding unit carries out two lateral folding processes with both a high speed and accuracy. The width of the envelope or flat bag can be reset while the machine is operating, and the rotary glue application unit meets the requirements of any envelope or flat bag by gluing along straight tracks. When the envelope or bag is discharged from the machine, clearing operations are easy. Then, a simple, but reliable longitudinal folding unit is used to fold the two flaps. A counter then batches the finished envelopes or bags based on preset quantities.

Technical Info POCKET124 POCKET128 POCKET135 POCKET150
Max. Envelope Size (mm) 120×240 165×240 230×350 350×500
Min. Envelope Size (mm) 50×80 80×100 110×176 229×324
Paper Weights Ca (gsm) 60-120 70-120 80-130 100-150
Total Power (kW) 4.1 4.1 4.5 8.2
Max. Speed (pcs/h) 12000 12000 8000 6000
Machine Weight (kg) 1000 1200 1200 2500
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 1550×1000×1300 3200×1090×1720 2500×1050×1400 3300×1160×1720

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