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Full-SERVO High Speed Flat & Satchel Paper Bag Machine

Sunhope developed the FSB650 full-servo high speed flat & satchel paper bag machine using German technology for reference. The machine is suitable for paper roll, printed roll paper such as kraft paper, shiny paper, and coated paper, and is used to carry out perforating, side gluing, folding, tube forming, separating, bottom folding and gluing, and final product collection in one continuous process. According to the customer’s requirements, we can also add the servo pre-creasing device. This function makes sealing the bag more convenient and efficient, and the machine itself is easy to operate, making it ideal for producing a variety of paper bags, bread bags and grocery bags.

  • Printing Registration System
  • Perfect High Speed Perforating System by Servo Motor
  • Pre-Creasing on Bag body System by Servo Motorm

1. This machine uses a Japanese Mitsubishi electrical control system, ensuring the machine operation is stable and features a high speed and high precision. It also uses a humanized design touch screen for ease of use.  
2. Equipped with an auto tension system and auto web guiding system, this machine can reduce waste and improve efficiency.
3. There are 8 servo motors that function synchronously for perforating, drawing, pre-creasing, separating, bottom folding, gluing and collecting.
4. The servo adjustable pre-creasing device can make two or three creasing lines on the bag body, making it easier to seal the bag and ensuring a better bag functionality.
5. This machine uses a German SICK print registration system, which accurately tracks printed material.
6. The collection unit uses a special system, sufficiently solving the collection and counting problem from minimum to maximum bag length.  

Bag Schematic Diagram

Technical Info FSB650 FSB1600
Single Stream Face Width (w/o Gusset) (mm) 80-320 39 - 368
Face Width (with Gusset) (mm) / 51-317
Total Gusset (mm) / 13-127
Dual Stream Face Width (w/o Gusset) (mm) / 39 -177
Face Width (with Gusset) (mm) / 51-146
总夹边/ Total Gusset (mm) / 13-76
Bag Length (mm) 125-630 /
Gusset Size (mm) 25-100 /
Cutoff Length Range (mm) 145-650 102 -292
Maximum Web Width (mm) 910 762
Maximum Roll Diameter (mm) Φ1200 Φ1200
Paper Substrate Range (gsm) 30-80 30-65
Plastic Window Width (mm) 50-200 50-200
Minimum Seam Overlay (mm) 20 16
Minimum Former Flap = Seam Overlay + Seam Offset (mm) 25 25
Max. Speed One Stream (bags/min) 550 550
Double Stream (bags/min) / 1100
Total Power (kW) 19.65 19.65
Weight (kg) 5500 4500
Machine Size ((L×W×H)m) 8.5×3×1.96 7.5×3×1.96
Options unit FSB650 FSB1600
DL01/DL02/DL03 Two Ply Unit yes yes
1-4 Colors Flexo Printer Unit yes yes
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